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6. 4. 2020

Exercising alone to be allowed without face masks. Government to allow some shops to re-open from Thursday

At its session on Monday, 6 April, Andrej Babiš's government set about partly relaxing its stringent anti-epidemic measures. People will be able to exercise alone without face masks as of Tuesday. On Thursday, certain shops that have been closed until now, will be allowed to re-open. Essential travel outside the Czech Republic will be allowed from Tuesday, 14 April.

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1. 4. 2020

Government asks MPs to prolong state of emergency by another 30 days, will present Coronavirus aid-law package to Parliament

At its extraordinary session on Wednesday, 1 April 2020, Andrej Babiš's Government passed several bills and will present them to Parliament for discussion in the state of legislative emergency. They include a range of further steps intended to help cope with the impacts of the Coronavirus epidemic on society. The Cabinet will also request that the state of emergency be extended by another 30 days, i.e., until 11 May.

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6. 4. 2020

1. 4. 2020